Michael Kindlick


Michael Kindlick


About Michael

Born and raised in Reading, PA, Michael is happily married with two beautiful daughters. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts - History from Penn State University as well as a Secondary Education Degree from Millersville University. He enjoys Basketball, Football and vacationing with his family. He founded Jam On Sound Productions, Inc., in 1993 after coming to the realization that entertaining and teaching share many similar aspects. A Teacher needs to entertain his or her students, it was much of his educational training that provided him with the overall ability to entertain on all levels. Just like a class room full of a different types of students, so is an event ballroom filled with the same type of diversity. Not everyone learns things the same way, and not everyone is entertained the same way either. The more diverse an Entertainer can be, the more likely he or she will satisfy a crowd.

The combination of Michael’s personality, charisma and natural ability to relate to people on all levels makes him a sure success at any event. Aside from these characteristics, Michael loves being in the spotlight and that never hurts. He believes that a true Entertainer, just like a Teacher is born not made. You can always refine your skills, but you are either born with the natural ability to entertain or you are not. He was born with that gift and loves to make people happy.

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