Special Event Participation Extras

Directions: Please make selection with a circle around the number of your choice. Consult with management for explanation of Participation Extras. All extras are available for selection, which is included in Special Event booking. There is no charge for any of these extras!

Extra Section I. (Dinner Activities)

  • Hand Clapping Analysis
  • Musical Business Cards/Sugar Packets
  • He Said She Said Anniversary Game
  • Challenge Trivia (General or Special Event Related)
  • Picture This!
  • The Mad Scramble
  • Name That Tune

Extra Section II. (Dance floor Activities)

  • Village People – A. YMCA B. Macho Man
  • Chicken Dance – A. Version 1 B. Version 2
  • Conga Line
  • The Multiplier Dance
  • Limbo Contest
  • Hula Hoop Contest
  • Pop and Drop Challenge
  • Twister Challenge
  • Loops – Team Challenge
  • Karaoke Idol (Pending The Inclusion Of Karaoke)
  • Everybody Dance Now
  • The Skiprock Hop
  • Hug and Roll
  • Master Of Dance

Extra Section III. (Special Event Related Extras)

  • The Anniversary Tribute
  • The Birthday Bounce
  • The Graduation Gamble

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